Nordine Mebarki - Head of CIFS School

International French School of Sarajevo currently has 270 students in 19 classes. It brings together students from Very small section (Très petite section) of Maternelle to the end of high school and Baccalaureat diploma. The building of Austro-Hungarian style, spacious, quiet, bright and well located is perfect place to build success.

The school is a partner of AEFE, from Paris, and follows the program (curriculum) defined by the French National Ministry of Education, preparing students for the diploma of Brevet (end of middle school) and Baccalauréat (end of high school). Approved by the French National Ministry of Education and Bosnian Ministry of Education for Sarajevo Canton, the school offers its students equivalency with other educational systems.

Trough its project, the International French School Sarajevo offers the ability of meeting all the challenges of our globalized world. It promotes the importance of the cultural as well as the scientist, citizen and language background of every student as from kindergarten by offering them rich and open education on France, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Europe and the world.

Language learning is provided in a very dynamic way with the small group formation in accordance with the skills. The voyages of discovery come every year to consolidate what has already been learned.

The experienced and caring teaching staff fully utilizes the possibilities of differentiated instructions so that every student can express in the best way. Groups of less than 25 children per class allow effective work and monitoring. Personalized work help gives every student the opportunity to progress at their own rhythm.

Wishing to give young people a balanced education, the CIFS uses full advantage of outdoor sports facilities and inside gymnasium room. Activities take place at other locations: swimming at the municipal Olympic pool, skiing on the Olympic lanes around Sarajevo….The extracurricular activities are rich and various: reading club, drama club, musical practices, choral singing, art activities…

I invite you to visit us and discover the life of the International French School of Sarajevo.

I wish all of you excellent school year 2021-2022 that will bring you a lot of success.

Nordine MEBARKI, Head of School