1 | French, English and BHS as teaching languages

Teaching is in French. The plurilingualism of students being a goal for each end of schooling year, the courses are adapted to an international audience, with a particular monitoring device in each class (see the section on FLE below).


2 | Other languages taught in class:

BHS (Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian) language is taught to the students, as well as Spanish or German, and/or Latin for the secondary school children.

All our students can also pass, by following training by the school, a DELF certification for non-French speakers.


3 | The FLE

The French as a Foreign Language (FLE) / French Language Schooling System (FLSco) has been set up to accommodate children with little or no French at the French International School of Sarajevo (CIFS). It is intended primarily for students who have little or no knowledge of French, but also for those who are still learning the language and who need to consolidate their skills. This instruction gives students access to the basic learning required at school. The learning is done in a small group, giving priority to the oral and allowing students to approach French with confidence.

This device is adapted to the specific needs and profile of the child. After an analysis of the child’s French level, the child is placed in a small group to facilitate learning and speaking. The courses are individualized and adapted to the path of each child, in connection with the class and the teacher of reference. Thus, the teaching of FLE / FLSco is intensive and daily for beginners and is carried out as needed at a more advanced level.


4 | French classes at the French Institute in Bosnia and Herzegovina

To find out more about this offer, its conditions and how it works, do not hesitate to contact the French Institute in Bosnia and Herzegovina via this link below: https://institutfrancais.ba/fr/


 5 | The English and BHS language

“Starting from kindergarten, our students learn to express themselves in English and BHS (Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian) through games, nursery rhymes and illustrated children’s books.

This device, designating the Teaching of an Integrated Subject in a Foreign Language, allows our students to perfect their language skills. They can thus carry out scientific experiments, learn the history of France or even create artistic productions in the English and BHS language. The strength of this device lies in its ability to make students think in English and BHS in non-linguistic disciplines. Language alternation shapes students and immerses them in plurilingual education.

In primary, middle and high school, students continue their classical curriculum with hours of traditional English and BHS. They also learn English and BHS through the prism of Literature in 6ème, 5ème, 4ème and 3ème. In high school, 1ère students have the opportunity to follow the LLCE (Language, Literature and Foreign Culture) option in order to perfect their literary skills.

The Language department is made up of qualified teachers who deliver National Education programs on a daily basis, backed by the CEFR, the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

The CIFS affirms its desire to involve students throughout the year in projects in plurilingual areas while offering students stimulating projects. Inter-lingual, interdisciplinary, and transversal advocating respect, promoting otherness and celebrating cultural richness.