The French High School corresponds to the last three years of secondary level of education: first (Seconde – 2nd), second (Premiere -1ere) and third year (Terminale).

The general and technological classes of first grade is designed to allow students to master and broaden their mastery of the common base of knowledge, skills, and culture in order to successfully transition from middle school to high school. It prepares them to determine their choice of a course within the final cycle up to the general or technological baccalaureate with the aim of pursuing successful higher studies and, beyond that, their professional integration.

From the second grade, students must choose three specialties in addition to the common courses (French, history-geography, English, scientific education, physical and sports education, moral and civic education). These disciplines benefit from significant timetables making it possible to offer ambitious programs and to give students time for learning.

At the end of the second grade, students take the French baccalaureate: the first stage of the national baccalaureate diploma.

Regarding the final year class “Terminale”, the students continue the common lessons of the second year class, but a new subject is added; philosophy (4 hours a week). In the final year “Terminale”, students choose to keep 2 specialties out of the 3 in the second year, depending on their areas of interest and their higher education projects.

At CIFS, only the first grade of high school is approved by the French Ministry of National Education. The second and third classes are followed by the CNED (national center for distance learning). The courses are given by our professors and the evaluations are received at the CNED: part of the evaluations is corrected by the CNED and the other part by the teachers. The small numbers of our classes allow teachers to individualize the courses as much as possible and to place the students in the best conditions for learning and educational and pedagogical success. We have one class per level: first grade with 11 students, second with 8 students and third with 5 students.


In second and third year, the specialty courses offered are:

– LLCE: Language, Literature and Foreign Culture (English).

– Mathematics.

– Life and earth sciences (Biology)

– Chemistry and Physics

– Economic and Social Sciences.

– Humanities, Literature and Philosophy.

– History-Geography-Geopolitics.