Wishes 2017

Dear Parents, Dear friends, A few days away from this year’s end, I am using this traditional greetings message to share with you these words from the writer philosophe and poet Paul Valéry, that are giving some sense to our action. “Education is not confined to childhood and adolescence. Education is not limited to school…

Expo maternelle – CE1 B

The CE1B class made a presentation on Andy Warhol in maternelle classes. Then they helped us make portraits inspired by Mr Andy’s. This project took few days. Now you can see the results in our gallery in the corridor at the school entrance.



Last week a French astronaut went to space. His name is Thomas and he is the 10th French astronaut to go to space in history. Also, another rocket called Ariane went to space the same day carrying 4 satelites. So we watched the liftoff almost live (the liftoff was at the time when we were…